My Interfaith Stepping Stones

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

This article was written by Jenn Meadows, a freshman at the University of Indianapolis.  As well as being integrally involved with PRSSA and UMSA, Jenn is also a member of the Interfaith Forum.

Hello, my name is Jenn and as a freshman at the University of Indianapolis, I find my involvement in Interfaith Forum very important because on campus we are exposed to many people of different beliefs and cultures. I am personally a United Methodist, but I have always had an interest in world religions. In my church, we had a foreign-exchange student from Thailand that attended our services. Through Fhang, I learned about the Buddhist way of practice. Coming from a small town, I had never known any other religion outside of Christianity. Over my junior year, I learned a lot from Fhang. I began to respect my own culture and religion. I also began to see the importance of how crucial it was for all humans, no matter what their race or religion, to come together to serve a common cause. Fhang and I did many community projects together through my church and other local community organizations. Coming to UIndy, I was thrilled to see that this opportunity existed for me to participate in. No matter what religion you are, we are all human. With technological advances, our world is becoming even smaller. Therefore, we are more connected then we have ever been before. This can help our generation move forward in the wake of new challenges. We can connect across the board easily. With opportunities such as Interfaith Forum, we have the chance to put aside our religious differences and strive for our common goal of goodwill for human kind. Interfaith is a stepping stone for all to learn about our differences and embrace one another and move forward to really making a difference in this world together.

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