Do You Hear What I Hear?

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today, I was hungry, so I visited the campus cafeteria to ease my stomach’s growls.  Today, I also felt thirsty, so I turned on the tap water, filled my water bottle, and drank to my heart’s delight.  For me, obtaining the essentials for living is a piece of cake, sometimes quite literally.

Yesterday, I helped coordinate an event that brought nine college students to realize the lack of food that many people face.  Through Kids Against Hunger (, these students helped pack hundreds of thousands of meals.  While the exact totals are still not known, the goal was to pack 500,000 meals, and they did not fall very short.  They wished to give others the ability to have a source of food.  How many people will be fed by 500,000 meals?

Yesterday, I helped coordinate an event that brought over 200 concert-goers to realize the lack of water that many people face.  Through the Thirst Project Benefit Concert, (, we raised $3,520.21 to provide clean water to others in Swaziland.  Every $20 saves one life, so we gave 176 people clean water for the rest of their lives.  They wished to give others the ability to have a source of water.  What benefits can come from giving 176 people water?

We celebrated these types of accomplishments at the Better Together Bash at UIndy on April 14. Christians, Muslims, Mormons, and agnostics enjoyed a free vegetarian meal from Earlham College’s chapter of Food Not Bombs while listening to great speakers that celebrated the interfaith accomplishments of the past school year.  On this day, we realized the potential that interfaith service has to change the world.  As seen by the events occurring yesterday, the Indianapolis and UIndy interfaith movement has already started to change the world.  Sorry, John Mayer, but we are done waiting.

Next year, UIndy and other colleges around the nation will join in fulfilling President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge (  Look at what has already been achieved.  What great heights can happen next year?  How many people will be served?  How many interfaith friendships will be forged?

Today, I filled my stomach and quenched my thirst, but yesterday, I was reminded that not everyone has the privileges that I can access.  For those that attended yesterday’s events, they probably now feel the same way that I currently do.  Through the impact of interfaith service next year, many more can start realizing the social problems that occur.  Many of those people will later affect their communities in ways never before believed.

Do you know what I hear?  I hear a movement starting.  May Indianapolis be considered a place where the interfaith service movement began to become the norm rather than the exception.

Mark Wolfe


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